About Maria

Maria Bock, M.S., RDN, LDN, CPT

Maria, the coach standing against a wall
 Growing up, I was always active in sports and school activities, but nutrition was never on my radar until college when all the booze and macaroni and cheese caught up with me. I tried many quick fixes – the Fruit Flush diet, juicing and cleanses, a 500-calorie diet, and working out multiple times per day to burn off as many calories as possible. My weight roller coastered for years.

My food issues really became apparent after I started competing in bodybuilding in 2015, which worsened my disordered eating patterns and my poor relationship with food. I was miserable and felt like I was stuck. One day I had enough, and I knew there had to be a better way. I set my physique goals aside, started doing my own research, and took the time to understand the nutrition my body actually needs, and my life changed. 

My professional experience began after receiving a bachelors in Chemistry from Iowa State University in 2010. After working as an analytical chemist for almost 10 years, I went back to school and received my Masters in Nutrition and Wellness and a Certificate in Nutrition Entrepreneurship from Benedictine University in 2020. I completed my dietetic internship with Keith and Associates and became a Registered Dietitian in December 2022.

I founded Trek Nutrition in January 2021 to pursue my passion for educating and empowering individuals on their health and nutrition journey to achieve healthy, sustainable outcomes. You have the ability to enjoy the foods you love AND achieve your goals!