• Brit A

    I found Trek Nutrition through Sisu Strength Academy when I started my journey 6 months postpartum. My previous coach had me on an 800-calorie meal plan that was filled mostly with protein shakes and bars. I had been on the program for 3 months and lost about 20lbs, but I noticed after the first initial loss, I started to plateau, got bored with the same foods, often felt weak and rundown during workouts, my lifts were not progressing, and I was not getting stronger. I could not figure out why.

    I met with Maria to discuss my nutrition goals and she put together a program that fit easily into my lifestyle - I was even allowed a couple “cheat” meals!
    Within two weeks I noticed significant changes, my energy completely shifted, my workouts started to improve, I was increasing weight in all my lifts, I had much more stamina, and I started to see changes physically in my body, my arms, and my thighs. My body was starting to lean out, I was seeing some definition, and it was so rewarding. I tracked my food daily and checked in with Maria weekly to discuss any hardships that week and she answered any questions I had. She shared some delicious recipes with me and gave me the motivation I needed on those days that I lacked it. Eventually she had me work up to eating over 1000 calories more PER DAY! I am down an additional 16 pounds, but the inches I lost and the muscle I gained was unreal. I can see and feel the change and that’s worth more than any number on the scale.

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  • Nick H.

    In all my years of exercise, never did I hold nutrition to the standard that Maria taught me was necessary to achieve true lasting change. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. Nutrition should be looked at first and foremost, then your training. Maria keeps is real because that’s what produces results. And that’s exactly what I was going for.

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  • Amy W.

    I cannot express enough how wonderful of an experience I have had working with Maria!  She has guided me in so many aspects of my life, NOT just my weight loss journey. She has coached me through emotional and mental feelings I was using as an excuse for why I was eating certain foods. She also taught me stress management strategies to help ease me through those tough times.  Maria helped me move from a lethargic, bad attitude 46-year-old, to an energetic, loving-life person as an added perk lost 30 lbs. She is my weekly encouragement, my book of knowledge, and a person who has taught me so much about food and how my body is using them so that I can maintain the weight I lost.  SHE IS AMAZING!

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